Zoom Yoga & Fitness

Zoom Yoga & Fitness Classes

*Mondays: 20 Min Mobility Flow & Roll Zoom 10am | $5 per class

Get your body to move better around your joints and in through your muscles. Use a variety of movement patterns to flow through all planes of motion and use a foam roller to roll out muscles. This is a blend of functional moves, simple yoga poses, balance, Pilates, foam rolling, & some flexibility & stretching.

This class is for all levels of fitness, though if you are using this class as a rehab practice for injury, you must be cleared by your doctor or physical therapist first.

Equipment: You will need have a 36 inch foam roller, 2 yoga blocks, a folded blanket, a mat, & water available to use for each class.

*Tuesdays: Pilates Zoom 9:30 am | $10 per class

Pilates focuses on postural alignment, core strength & stability, and low impact functional training to train the body. Even though the emphasis is on the core, this is a total body workout. This is for all levels of fitness.

Equipment: dumbbells (soup cans work too), a light to medium resistance band or tubing. mat, & water. A small Pilates ball or yoga block would be a great addition but a rolled towel will work, as well.

*Wednesdays: Define & Sculpt 9am | $10 per class

This is a total body workout with emphasis on the core. Define, sculpt, & tone all your muscles using weights and bands. Working out to the beat of the music is a strong part of this class. Music is pop, dance, alternative, and may be theme based from day to day. You can start with what equipment you have available at home and build off the equipment you have. Have a mat and water available also.

*Thursdays: Barre Zoom 9:30 am | $10 per class

Barre is a blend of functional training, Pilates, & yoga with an emphasis on legs, hips, and core. Since this is a home workout, you will not need access to a tradition ballet bar, but will need a chair with a sturdy back, weights (soup cans will work, too), mat, and water. A yoga block or small Pilates ball would be a great additional investment (although a rolled up hand towel will work) & resistance bands.

Free Holiday Classes:

  • Monday 12/20/21: 8:30am Yuletide Yin Yoga (30 Min) & 9:00am Holiday Strength (30 min)  Come to 1 or to both! It’ll be on one zoom link.
  • Tuesday 12/21: 8:30am Peace-filled Pilates (30 min) & 9:00am Restorative Yoga (30 min)
  • Wednesday 12/22: 8:30am Holiday Strength (30 min) & Body Scan Meditaton (10 min) 
  • Contact Joy to sign up!

Zoom Yin Yoga, Meditations, & Restorative Yoga Coming to Regular Schedule this January!

*All classes are 40 minutes (unless otherwise noted). Pre-registration required at least the day before by contacting me and waivers filled out prior to participating. Join class 5-7 minutes early to connect, talk fitness, wellness, and joy. Cost: $10 per class (unless otherwise noted). First class free (but must pre- register). Sorry, USA residents only. Click here to contact Joy K for more info.

Private Yoga Wellness Programs & Classes available in Issaquah & Sammamish, WA for Women.

  • Yin Yoga: This is a nourishing practice for the deeper yin tissues of the body – ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks, and even the bones. You will hold poses for 3-7 minutes with the use of props – pillows, cushions, blankets, bolsters, or whatever you have on hand. Note: not suggested for women who are pregnant.
  • Restorative Yoga: This is a slow and grounding practice that focuses on using 3-8 supportive poses to help facilitate relaxation, healing on a cellular level, opening fascia, stress reduction, restoration, and increasing circulation.
  • Guided Restorative Meditations & Yoga Nidra: These guided meditations focus on breath awareness while performing body scans, gentle visualization or silent mantras to promote relaxation, & mindfulness techniques where you observe yourself & surroundings without judgement.
  • Gentle Yoga: Incorporate movement and flow into your yoga practice with this slow flow vinyasa style connecting breath with gentle movements. The use of props and chairs are encouraged.
  • $75 per hour/$40 per 1/2 hour: Zoom private personalized sessions. Free initial consultation & reassessments.
  • $120 per hour: In person personalized sessions for Sammamish & Issaquah locations (women only at this time). Free initial consultation & reassessments.
  • $200 for 4-6 week individualized program development for personal use via email. Free zoom consult included and weekly email communication.

Click here to contact Joy K for more info.

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