Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Looking for something new to eat? Use what you already have in your fridge & pantry to make this yummy chickpea salad sandwich. The more veggies you can pack in there, the better! Eat a variety of colorful veggies to pack in the essential nutrients your body needs to stay at optimal health. Chickpea SaladContinue reading “Chickpea Salad Sandwich”

October Wellness Calendar to Increase Joy

Hello October! Check out this month’s wellness calendar to help you increase joy in your life. The key is finding balance through each dimension of wellness to create balance, calm, and contentment throughout the week. Here’s a little more detail on what we have planned for each dimension of wellness this month: Physical Wellness: TimeContinue reading “October Wellness Calendar to Increase Joy”

7 Dimensions of Wellness

  The Seven Dimensions of Wellness are a way to live a more balanced life and a more balanced life increases your inner joy. I have 3 examples of things I do for each area of wellness below, but there are many more ways that can nurture each area of wellness. Since every personality isContinue reading “7 Dimensions of Wellness”