Live Joyfully Well on YouTube this Week

It’s been a busy week on my YouTube channel – eek! Here’s the wellness workshops, meditation, and workout videos posted for the week. I hope you are staying well and safe during these difficult times. Sending you all joyful vibes and love! Increase Your Joy through Occupational Wellness Occupational wellness is an accumulation of allContinue reading “Live Joyfully Well on YouTube this Week”

New YouTube Videos: Stairs, Total Body, Breathing, Healthy Back, & Hip Stretches

Home Stairs Cardio Workout If you have access to a flight of stairs, then try this workout where you do stairs 10 ways. Do it as a circuit. Go through all 10 ways (if you can), then take a break and drink water, and repeat. There’s even a flexibility component at the end. Click theContinue reading “New YouTube Videos: Stairs, Total Body, Breathing, Healthy Back, & Hip Stretches”

This Week on YouTube: Workouts, Meditations, & Wellness Workshop

The goal is to give you guys a variety of workouts, meditations & breathing techniques, & give mini wellness workshops to help you live joyfully well! This past week has been busy on my new YouTube channel, check it out below: How to Increase Your Physical Joy 5 Minute Wellness Workshop Learn what the 7Continue reading “This Week on YouTube: Workouts, Meditations, & Wellness Workshop”

Beginner Friendly Workout & Breathing Technique

This rainy day home workout is perfect for days you need to move your body but don’t feel like doing burpees! All you need is a yoga belt or resistance tubing, mat, water, & music playlist of your choice! Click the picture to take you to the YouTube video. This 4 count box breathing techniqueContinue reading “Beginner Friendly Workout & Breathing Technique”

A 45 Minute Walking Workout

This 45 minute walking workout will take a little planning with your music playlist – but it’s SO worth the effort! Each song is a different walking intensity drill to work on, which is a great way stay motivated with your workouts. I personally like dance, rock, & alternative music best for workouts, but justContinue reading “A 45 Minute Walking Workout”

A 10 Minute Walking Workout

We all have busy days, but even on those busy days we can carve out 10 minutes to move our bodies. Walking is the easiest way to fit in a little movement every single day. Walking increases: heart health bone health metabolism mood energy levels caloric burn brain function creativity balance coordination Knowing the benefitsContinue reading “A 10 Minute Walking Workout”

A Get Back into Running Walk-Jog Workout

A Get Back into Running Walk-Jog Workout. 10 minutes walking warm up 1 minute jog 4 minute walk 2 minute jog 3 minute walk 3 minute jog 2 minute walk 4 minute jog 1 minute walk 10 minute slower walking cool down Stretch! Notes: Consult with your doc before starting up a new fitness program.Continue reading “A Get Back into Running Walk-Jog Workout”