Create Summer Balance

Sing it – summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind. It’s summer – the time of carefree living, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the little things in life. How do we do that during Coronavirus? I know, it’s really hard and challenging! Here’s the thing…

We all need balance in our lives.

Yes, we can be scared, anxious, and stressed with the uncertainty of life right now, but we also need to take time to restore our minds, create calm and peace, and even find a little joy every day too.

Let’s try to celebrate the summer season the best we can right now, and create a little more balance in our lives. Here’s a few tips to try and celebrate the season and create a little summer balance:

#1 Unplug

Yes, you can catch up each day with what’s going on around you, but how much time are you actually spending on social media these days? I’m not gonna lie to you, I was out of control for a bit, and it was stressing me out – big time! You can’t control the world, so it’s time to take charge of the things you can control – yourself. Think about how much time you are spending on social media, watching the news, etc. and make yourself unplug and unwind a bit. Meditate, workout, garden, eat dinner at table with family, etc. Take time to just be in the present moment.

#2 Listen to that Summer Playlist

“Music is the soundtrack of your life.” -Dick Clark

What are those classic songs that make you think of summer? Music can lift you up, change your mood, feed your soul, and simply make you feel good. Listen to them now. Need some ideas?

These are some songs that I like, but everyone’s tastes are different, and that’s OK. Pick what you like and blast it!

#3 Get Outside

Now that you have that fun summer playlist, it’s time to get outside for your walk, jog, bike ride, hike, whatever you like. A little green therapy and movement of any kind is known to boost your mood. End your outside movement of choice with a meditation. Here’s one of my meditation practices to help you connect to your surroundings:

#4 Eat Fresh

Think fresh summer salads, blended fruit smoothies, and pack your meals with as many colors of the rainbow as you can. The more fruits and veggies you eat in a day, the more essential nutrients you are getting into your system and the better you will feel. Think of those beautiful colors and energy boosters!

Click the picture to take you to my Asian Chicken Salad recipe!

#5 Hydrate Up!

Don’t go for that mid-day latte. Chances are, you may be feeling a little lethargic from being slightly dehydrated. Go for the water first. Make it more exciting by adding citrus or herbs into the mix.

#6 Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Make a point of getting out to watch the sunrise or sunset. Focus on using all your senses as you watch the sun rise or set:

  • What colors do you see?
  • What animals or birds do you notice?
  • What do you smell?
  • What do you hear?
  • Touch the ground beneath you, what do you notice?
  • How does watching the sunrise or sunset make you feel?

#7 Connect in a Safe Way

Summer is all about hanging out with friends and family. That is pretty hard to do during a pandemic! It’s time to get creative. Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. have been a lifesaver these days, am I right?!

What do you normally like to do with your friends and family? Have a bbq? Maybe instead, everyone (5 peeps or less) brings their own food to a specific outdoor location instead. Just always pretend like you have COVID, and pretend like everyone else has COVID. If you think that way, you’ll probably do what is needed to help limit the spread, right? Social distance and mask up, everyone! We WILL get through this!!

Hopefully I gave you a few ideas to help you navigate your summer with a little more balance and a little more joy. Get creative, have fun, and find your joy. 🙂

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