This Week on YouTube: Workouts, Meditations, & Wellness Workshop

The goal is to give you guys a variety of workouts, meditations & breathing techniques, & give mini wellness workshops to help you live joyfully well!

This past week has been busy on my new YouTube channel, check it out below:

How to Increase Your Physical Joy 5 Minute Wellness Workshop

Learn what the 7 areas of wellness are and break down what it means to have physical joy & learn simple physical practices to increase your joy. Click the picture below to take you to the video.

Physical joy wellness workshop

Mobility Stretch & Flow

Movement is medicine. You have to move your body in a variety of ways to increase your flexibility. Here’s a series of exercises to help your body move and feel better. Click the pic below!

Mobility stretch & flow

Pilates Foam Roll Workout

Do you need a a little more of a Pilates challenge? Try doing Pilates from a foam roller (it needs to be a longer 36 inch foam roll). Click the pic below to take you to the workout.

Foam roll pilates workout

5 Minute Essential Stretches for After Workouts

Everyone has 5 minutes after a workout – especially if it’s to increase your mobility, flexibility, increase oxygen consumption, and to ground you for the rest of the day ahead. Click the pic below to take you to the stretches!

Essential stretches for after workouts

10 Minute Total Body Training

Train every muscle of the body efficiently with this 10 minute workout. All you need is a couple sets of dumbbells and you are ready to work! Click the pic below.

10 minute total body training

4 Count Box Breathing Technique

This is a deep breathing technique, once learned, can be performed anywhere. Click the pic below to take you to the meditation practice.

4 count box breathing

This week I tried to really get some videos up to give you some variety as we go through this COVID 19 pandemic together. There’s also a barre workout, a get outside & breathe meditation, 4-7-8 breathing technique, warm up for a walk, jog, or run, and more!

Next week, instead of bombarding you with YouTube blog posts, I’ll just wait until the weekend to share the ones that went live!

Feel free to subscribe to my channel to get them as they come live! Click the pic below.

Live joyfully well YouTube
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