October Wellness Calendar to Increase Joy

Hello October! Check out this month’s wellness calendar to help you increase joy in your life.

live joyfully well october wellness calendar

The key is finding balance through each dimension of wellness to create balance, calm, and contentment throughout the week.

Here’s a little more detail on what we have planned for each dimension of wellness this month:
  • Physical Wellness: Time yourself completing a 1 mile walk, jog, or run after you warm up for 5 to 10 minutes. Do this on the first and the last day of the month. Try to do one longer walk once a week and incorporate faster paced walks during the week. Fit in yoga stretches and strength training days, as well. Have your nutrition focus be on eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, and nuts/seeds (all while having some fun with the national holidays).
  • Spiritual Wellness: meditate and be open to learning more about what it means to be spiritual to you. Read, listen to podcasts, try a new church (or go to yours more regularly), talk to spiritual people, and be open to learning more.
  • Intellectual Wellness: Read/podcast (just like ideas in spiritual wellness) and stimulate your brain in new ways.
  • Occupational Wellness: This not only refers to a job you have, but applies to students, care takers, hobbies that take up your time, etc. Focus on the positives and speak positively about the things you spend your time doing. Spread kindness and say hi to people.
  • Social Wellness: Spend time with people that build you up. Have a fun dinner – make quesadillas, have fondue, do blind taste tests and focus on any more veggies. Go do some fun all activities – go to a pumpkin patch, plan a fall hike to see the changing leaves, and do fun things.
  • Emotional Wellness: Spend some time journaling each week, but to increase joy, focus on things you are grateful for, reflect on happy experiences in your life – and write ten down, and writes down positive words and quotes. Also take time to do little things throughout your week that increase your joy – be a joy seeker!
  • Environmental Wellness: Declutter and organize a little each week. Chaos kills joy. Also focus on mindfulness and being in the present moment. Try a mindful eating practice. Eat an apple. While eating that apple, think about where that apple came from. Visualize that apple hanging from a tree in the orchard. Visualize that apple being picked, loaded on the truck to go to the store. Think about when you chose that apple. Look at the color of the apple and notice it’s shape. Smell it. Think about how the apple tastes. That’s mindful eating.

If you need a little more detail on each dimension of wellness, check this post here.

I hope you all have a fabulous October & feel free to ask any questions!

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