A 45 Minute Walking Workout

This 45 minute walking workout will take a little planning with your music playlist – but it’s SO worth the effort! Each song is a different walking intensity drill to work on, which is a great way stay motivated with your workouts.

I personally like dance, rock, & alternative music best for workouts, but just pick music that moves you and that’s the same amount of time as suggested drill. I have a song suggestion for each drill in parentheses ().

*A 45 Minute Walking Workout

  • Warm up at a slower pace for 5 minutes to a song of that length. At 3:30 into song, do 10 side steps or 10 faster side shuffles (lead 10 with right leg, then turn and lead 10 with left leg) and 20 backwards steps (backpedal) looking over shoulder. Face forward and walk remainder of song. (Best Night by LMFAO)
  • Pick it up to a medium pace for 3:30 minutes. (Bones by OneRepublic)
  • For next 3 minute song, alternate 20 seconds fast pace and 20 seconds medium pace. (Bad Guy by Billie Eilish & Justin Beiber)
  • For next 3:30 song, alternate 20 seconds fast and 10 seconds slow pace. (Teeth by 5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Sustain 3 minutes at medium pace.(Shots by Imagine Dragons)
  • 1 minute fast pace 1 min slow pace 2x for a 4 minute song. (Walk by Foo Fighters)
  • Sustain 3:30 minutes medium pace. (Monophobia by Deadmau5)
  • Sustain 3 minutes fast pace (Somebody Told Me by The Killers)
  • 2 minutes slower pace recovery (Piece of Your Heart by Meduza)
  • 5 minutes medium pace (A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay)
  • For next 4:30 song, fast pace til minute 3, then side shuffle or side step 10 steps (2 sets – one leading with right leg, one leading with left leg), then back pedal. (Helena Beat by Foster the People)
  • For last 5 minutes, cool down at a slow pace. (Circles & Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone)
  • Stretch all major muscles, and YOU DID IT!

*Note: Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

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