A 10 Minute Walking Workout

We all have busy days, but even on those busy days we can carve out 10 minutes to move our bodies. Walking is the easiest way to fit in a little movement every single day.

Walking increases:

    heart health
    bone health
    energy levels
    caloric burn
    brain function

Knowing the benefits should increase your motivation.

*Now try this 10 minute walking workout:

    3 minutes medium pace walk (first minute focus on your breath, second minute focus on your environment, third minute focus on what walking does for your body.).
    1 minute fast pace walk
    2 minutes medium pace walk
    2 minutes fast pace walk
    1 minute medium pace walk
    1 minute slow pace walk (focus on your breath & how you feel in this moment mentally and physically).

You focused on a little mindfulness (environmental wellness), reflecting on how you feel (emotional wellness), and cardiovascular health (physical wellness).


  • You gain health benefits from even one minute of exercise-so you have time for one minute.
  • Increase your time at each intensity level as successful and when time allows, work up to 90 minutes 3-5 days per week.

*Consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

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