7 Dimensions of Wellness


The Seven Dimensions of Wellness are a way to live a more balanced life and a more balanced life increases your inner joy.

I have 3 examples of things I do for each area of wellness below, but there are many more ways that can nurture each area of wellness. Since every personality is different, you can replace some of these ideas with something that suits your needs better. Just have the goal of increasing joy as your influence.

Spiritual Wellness: expands your sense of purpose based on your beliefs and morals deep within your soul.

  1. Prayer: Put simply, it’s talking to God.  There is no wrong way to do it. Start the conversation.
  2. Meditation: A practice where you use mindfulness, or focused attention on a particular object, thought, or activity. You can focus on a positive word, bible scripture, or simply focus on the breath.
  3. Study:  Study helps increase your spiritual wellness. Read, listen to podcasts, go see a speaker, go to a retreat, go to church, try a new church, etc.

Emotional Wellness: is when you take the time to self-analyze your thoughts, feelings, habits, and experiences – both positive and negative.

  1. Journal: gratitude, affirmations, experiences, nature, self-portraits or drawings, successes, songs, poems – write about anything you want.
  2. Reflect: Self-reflection is giving careful thought to your beliefs, behaviors, and feelings.  With over 50,000 daily thoughts, how many of those thoughts are joyful, positive, and uplifting? 
  3. Seek Joy: Look for the joys in your day.  They don’t have to be big things, find the little details that make your heart sing.

Environmental Wellness: respecting your surroundings in your home, at work, and anywhere you are.

  1. Organize: Focus on one room at a time, or one drawer at a time.
  2. Declutter: Clutter creates mental chaos. Declutter open spaces to create calm in your life.
  3. Mindfulness:  Be in the present moment – mindful of your surroundings. Get off autopilot.

Intellectual Wellness: expands your creativity and knowledge. 

  1. Read or Listen to Podcasts:  Even just 10 minutes a day – reading or listening to a new podcast – can boost brain function.
  2. Be Open-Minded: Be open to new ideas and learn to step back and look at the big picture.
  3. Seek New Experiences: Try new things, learn new skills, travel, etc.

Occupational Wellness: relates to your attitude, satisfaction, and enrichment with work. This can relate to work by homemakers or enrichment through hobbies, volunteering, being a student, and other activities that can occupy your time, as well.

  1. Give 110%: Give the most effort you can. You will never prosper from giving minimal effort.
  2. Speak Positively: You will give and get more from yourself and everyone around you when you learn to speak positively. Use positive words or change your perspective when challenged and things aren’t going your way.
  3. Spread Kindness: You spend a significant amount of time at work, make it a good place to be. Learn to take time to give kindness to others.  Giving kindness is known to increase your own joy.

Physical Wellness:  shift your focus to your own personal vessel – your body. 

  1. Movement:  Move your body most days of the week – walk, jog, run, hike, bike, swim, lift weights, yoga, stairs, row, elliptical, pilates, – just move!
  2. Nutrition:  Eat real foods –fruits, veggies, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, spices, and herbs.
  3. Breathwork:  even 2 minutes will make a huge difference – focus on your breath.

Social Wellness: refers to our relationships and how we interact with others. 

  1. Togetherness: a happy feeling of affection and closeness to other people. This doesn’t have to be grand events, a coffee date, a walk, or even a phone call or a text can help to create closeness to others.
  2. Love: real love is spending quality time and having a connection to those you care about.
  3. Friendship: relationships built on affection, loyalty, respect, love, and trust.  Nuture your friendships.

Now, in order to incorporate that into your weekly schedule, you could make a daily to-do list that looks something like this below and pick and choose what you want to work on for the day.

For more information, you can also check out my wellness coaching page here.

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