12 Ways to Get into Fitness Now

Movement is key to staying active throughout your life. It’s never – ever too late to start. Start improving your fitness and quality of life today with these 12 ideas.

Here’s 12 ways to get into fitness now!

1. Walk in Inspiring Places

Go walking in places that inspire you. Near the water? At a park? A dream neighborhood? Enjoy your surroundings (which boosts environmental and emotional wellness, as well).

2. Get Faster

Commit to a doing one mile, 3-4 times a week. For your very first mile, time yourself to see how fast you can complete that mile (after a 5-10 minute slower paced warm up). This can be walking or running. Make sure you can always say at least 4-6 words without catching your breath. This first timing test is your base time. Retest every 4-6 weeks on the same course and watch yourself improve!

If a mile is too intimidating, NO WORRIES. Start with what you CAN do – maybe a 1/4 mile around the block? Build from there. If 1 mile is too easy, bump it up! As it gets easier, bump it up until you are walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes.

3. Take a Hike

Do a hike-a-week challenge. How many weeks until the end of the year? Could you commit to yourself and enjoy the beautiful outdoors at the same time? Aaand guess what? Hiking is walking!

4. Train for a Race

Sign up for a race and train for it. There are even walkers at all the races – be with others that are just like you – getting out there and crushing goals!

5. Sign Up for a Class/Sport

Sign up for a dance class, skating lessons, golf, a team sport, or anything else that’s active that inspires you to move. An ongoing class will help keep you consistent and it’s fun!

6. Take The Stairs

ALWAYS take the stairs. Intermittent activity all adds up for major health benefits. You can also Google public stairs in your area and a bunch will pop up. There are over 650 different places in Seattle alone – yesss!

7. Ride a Bike

Go biking. Bike is low impact & a perfect way to get in your cardiovascular fitness. This is a perfect family activity with the kiddos.

8. Work on Strength & Flexibility

Join a gym, fitness or yoga studio, hire a trainer, or download a fitness app to get in some strength and flexibility each week.

Most of my ideas here are cardio- based because heart disease is our #1 killer, and you decrease your risk dramatically the more active you are. BUT strength and mobility (flexibility) are both a close second. Get in at least one day a week of each to maintain strength and flexibility and 2-4 days a week to improve strength and flexibility.

9. Be an Early Bird

Set out your workout clothes the night before, get up a little earlier, and workout first thing. The days can get away from us otherwise.

10. Schedule You Time & Log Workouts

Put your workouts in your calendar and that can also be your training log. Seeing your workouts on paper (or device) is an added inspiration booster.

Make yourself a priority each day. One of my favorite quotes: “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

11. Keep on Track

Buy an activity tracker. Fitbit & Garmin are always good choices, but I’ve also bought a $30 one from Amazon that worked great too (for my son). It’s just an added tool to help keep you on track. . Seeing how much energy you are burning, how many steps, etc. is a great source of inspiration.

12. Have FUN with it!

Do things you enjoy. This is your biggest tip to fitness success! If you like it, you are more likely to stick with it – period!

Find JOY in your journey, my friends!!

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