My Food Philosophy

I’ve been a fitness trainer and coach since the early 90’s and I’ve seen probably a 100 fad diets – easy! They come and go, and then actually come back around again – and usually with a different name.  Low carb, high protein, only eating at certain times of the day, juicing, eliminating food groups (limiting is ok, but eliminating sets you up for failure), and so on.

You know what stays consistent for a healthy diet?

Eating real foods. Study after study shows eating more plants is optimal for a healthy lifestyle because they are filled with essential nutrients that you can’t get unless you put them in your body.  Foods are more powerful and more potent than any pill.

Let’s simplify the process and get into the habit of thinking more about the foods that we should be consuming more of – fruit, vegetables, beans, grains, seeds, nuts, herbs, and spices – and less about the foods we can’t or shouldn’t have.

Let’s start here. Forget the noise of all the diets out there – just focus on the basics.

Having eggs for breakfast?

I bet you could add in some greens, a dash of ground turmeric and paprika, and a side of berries. It’ll make you feel good about all the antioxidants you are consuming to boost energy and fight off diseases and cancers.

Having a sandwich for lunch?

You could use a sprouted seed bread, 100% whole wheat, 9 grain, etc (make sure each slice has at least 3 grams of fiber per serving) and stuff it with AMVAP (as many veggies as possible) and maybe even sprinkle with cayenne and dried parsley.

Get into the habit of thinking “what could I add to this to increase the nutritional value?”.

See list of foods to eat daily here.

Eating healthy makes you feel good, and when you feel good, your joy increases. Learn to Live Joyfully Well.

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